Powerful Support

As we are all well aware, social media is a powerful tool. Similar to the power of wealth, if used correctly, it can do great things for the society, nation, and the world. When social media is so often used for the bad- greed, selfishness, and personal business advancement- there are those seldom, yet greatly powerful moments when it is used for the good. Today, is one of those moments.

One year ago today, our nation underwent one of the most heartbreaking attacks on our soil- the Boston Marathon bombing. Last year, on April 15, 2013, our nation watched the marathon fall under attack of two bombs near the marathon finish line, killing three individuals and injuring over 260 more. The surviving victims of this terrifying tragedy have spent the past year in recovery, emotionally, psychologically, and physically. They have faced their own personal challenges and struggles since the bombing and endured life changing aftermath effects. Something on their mind recently? You bet, the one year anniversary of the attack. Today. Testimonies of surviving victims have explained their attitudes and perceptions of this date. Some felt fear and anxiety leading up to this event. Some were ready to embrace it, take control of it, and stand up for those who were affected. Regardless of how each individual survival victim felt, they all needed the same thing- the support, encouragement, and love from their fellow Bostonians and nation as a whole.

Image(photo cred: ABC)


They did not want to face this difficult day alone, and through social media, Boston and our nation made sure they didn’t.

Social media is a powerful and effective tool in transferring support and love throughout our communities, nations, and world. If used tastefully and authentically, companies can capture this tool to support those in need, which strengthens the brand. Boston professional sports teams came together as one force this morning, when they tweeted the exact same tweet with the same picture and hashtag, purely in loving support of the victims and survivors of the Boston Marathon camaraderie. The tweets were intended to unify the city and commemorate the anniversary in an appropriate way. The camaraderie of the five professional teams is said to be heartwarming and powerful- providing the love, encouragement, and support that Boston needed on a day like today. My appreciation goes out to these sports brands for taking advantage of the opportunity that social media provides them in order to bring good to society on a day where good is much needed.