Is Obnoxious the New Black?

At this point in the evolution of social media marketing, I would hope that companies now realize the correct balance between annoying promotions of their products and valuable, usable content that will benefit us, as the consumer. Some do, some don’t. You have those, such as American Eagle’s Aerie and Earth Fare, who correctly balance usable consumer content and their promotions. But with every good child, you have the screw up- particularly the annoying, in your face, never shutting up about themselves kind. We won’t point fingers but we all are thinking of a few of these brands in our heads.

So, where is the line drawn between balanced content/promotions and being down right obnoxious? Lets look at different social media marketing habits and you tell me, awesome or annoying.


1. Forever 21’s Facebook page: Known to post over 4 times a day, AWESOME OR ANNOYING?


**Hint: ANNOYING. Though it is important to be constantly present on social media, you don’t want to spam your consumer. A brand has to remember just how much of these kinds of posts, no matter what content the hold, are coming at us, consumers, from 100 different places all hours of the day. Being too spammy by overly posting will put your company straight at the top of our pest list and we will automatically start tuning you out no matter what your content is, if we don’t stop following you all together. Though it’s great to be engaged at all times, don’t be too chatty, sometimes we’d like you to just shut up all together so don’t push us too much.


2. Sprint’s Twitter feed: Attempts at being funny, AWESOME OR ANNOYING?


**Hint: ANNOYING. Yes, humor has it’s home in the valuable content category. Bring laughter, smiles, and joy to your consumer is always a positive technique to capture the interest of your consumer on social media. However, if you are not funny- don’t try to be funny. Failed attempts at humor is one of the most annoying posts a brand can make. Especially when that failed attempt is secretly (yet totally obviously) a push for their product. Be funny to be funny and bring enjoyment to your consumer- THAT is valuable content. Trying to be funny but really just bringing it back to your company and products is a miserable excuse for engaging content. Makes your consumer feel super awkward and judgmental- trust me.

3. The Voice Twitter: Displaying their hashtag on the show as it airs, AWESOME OR ANNOYING?


**Hint: AWESOME. This is an excellent way to drive your consumer towards engaging with you on your social media platforms. Though it is important to know when to blatantly display your hashtag so as not to interfere with the consumers enjoyment of the show- something that would irritate them and therefore drive them away from the purpose of engagement. However, strategically placed trending hashtags that drive your consumer back to your platform and therefore create discussion and buzz about your brand is an excellent idea. Something, I wonder, that could be explored in commercials. Make your media advertisements coincide with your social media platforms to create consistency, awareness, and consumer engagement and activity.

4. Snickers Facebook page: Posting only promotions and about their products, AWESOME OR ANNOYING?


**Hint: Doubt you even need this hint. By know I think you’ve got the point. This is SUPER ANNOYING. Self centered people are looked at negatively in this world. So are self centered brands. Making it all about you is a huge turn off for your consumers. They want to feel you are authentic as a brand and are invested in them as consumers. How can you show you are invested when you never shut up about yourself? That doesn’t sound very kind of you- and people want kind. People gravitate towards kind. Help make it easier for followers to gravitate toward your brand by showing you care. Post about things other than yourself- invest in what the consumer needs/wants to know and see.

Remember, no one likes the annoying guy. Don’t be that guy.

For ever several posts you make about your company, your product, your sales and deals, make a post about your consumer, your sponsors, the world- anything but you. Your deals might induce brand loyalty on social platforms, but I’m here to tell you it will not maintain it. It’s fine if you don’t want to believe me from a marketing standpoint- then believe me from a personal experience standpoint as a consumer. Brands that don’t add value to my social media scrolling get passed up real quick. It is only when something peaks my interest about MY (the consumers) real life that I take the time to stop my scrolling and initial on your brand post. The more of these kinds of posts I click, the more I’m inclined to pay closer attention to your brand’s social media presence. Which, ta-dah, means that through my new found focus on your brand, I will also be seeing the deals and products that you are so itching to get in front of my face. But it is that initial valuable, non obnoxious content that gets me there in the first place.

This is what many companies are forgetting. Its one thing to see your annoying product promotion post, it’s another thing to look at it. I SEE a blur of it as I’m quickly scrolling past your tweet, I LOOK at it as I click on it to read what valuable message it has to say. Don’t make your consumers cry out of frustration

ImageMake them want to follow you. Make them want to be apart of your brand. Better yet, make them want to be advocates for your brand by sharing your content with their friends. That is the point of social media, after all, to build a following that will spread your brand faster and cheaper than you ever could by yourself.

ImageAnd no, this is not me. But it is what your followers will look like if you stay away from the obnoxious habits that so many companies fall victim to. So, go brand, go be a better you- someone that is AWESOME and not annoying.





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