Peeking Around the Corner

What is your favorite show? Think about it, I know you have one. Are you slightly obsessed with it? And if you are, you try to learn as much about it as you can, it interests you that much. Am I right?

I guarantee you that if you took a strong fan of a show and scrolled through their twitter, you’d find they are following the real life actors of that show, perhaps even the producer, writer, and director. And if you are not a TV watcher, think of your favorite brand. Do you follow the president, CEO, founder, or even anyone who publically supports the brand? I bet you are.

No, you’re not a stalker, you’re not creepy. You’re normal. It is our human nature to want to be as connected to our interests as we can be. And therefore, being connected to those that influence that interest in a prominent way.

Which is what leads me to today’s topic: focusing on the personal to make the broader brand succeed in the digital world.

The content and engagement that a brand shares with the digital world over their multitude of platforms is the main focus of most social media or digital marketing conversations, as it should be. But I want to take a minute to step back from that, look around the corner of the brand’s digital marketing plan to the individuals that are running the brand and influencing the brand on a day to day basis (i.e. the writer of a show, the CEO of a company, or company representative). I want to discuss how the personal social platforms of these types of individuals are important in building and continuing the brand’s awareness and interest in the digital world.

When a consumer has exhausted the company Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram, they are going to move on to these individual’s private Facebook, Twitter, and Instagrams. And for the company’s sake, these personal platforms need to be just as engaging and interesting as the company’s platforms. This will keep a positive perception of the brand in the minds of consumers when the brand’s platforms aren’t even coming into play.

Personal example, I follow the writer and the producer of a show that I am highly interested in. That show is a theoretically a brand in itself and has it’s own digital platforms. But when nothing new comes on those platforms as I’m scrolling through twitter, I then go to the producer and writer’s twitter and take a look at what they are up to. Over the months, I have formed an attachment with them and their social media content and therefore have unofficially joined a fan base of these individuals. Being a fan of these people automatically makes me feel loyal towards their work, a.k.a. the show.  So not even seeing the platforms of the show itself but instead the platforms of those connected to the show behind the scenes keeps the brand of the show and network relevant and positive in my head.


So, what the heck am I suggesting? As a consumer, I am suggesting to take a look into your key influencers of the company and check into their personal digital platforms. Are they relevant, engaging, and content filled? If not, I suggest a platform workshop for your executive team. You can believe they are being watched by your consumers. I understand the fears of many inlcude saying the wrong thing or looking like a fool, but they need to put that behind them. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. In other words, you loose 100% of the consumers that your don’t engage. More and more brands are starting to understand the importance of having key individuals represented on social media and engaging with consumers, I’m trying to reach those that have not yet caught on. These key people having a strong digital presence provide great opportunities for the brand off the scenes. Acting as postivite representatives of the brand, offering consumers a more interesting and personal connection with  behind-the-scenes type feel will only increase brand loyalty and advocacy in the long run- which is every brands dream.



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