Using Your Power for Good

We all know social media gives the corporate world big advantages. Between advertising, brand awareness, engaging loyal advocates, and more, companies are learning to take advantage of social media more and more every day. But as much as they gain from social media, shouldn’t they give back? Normally my posts put emphasis on the ability for companies to harness social media for marketing purposes, but today I wanted to make a point that as much as they take, they should give. With the large following and therefore reach that some of the more social-media-successful companies have, they also have huge potential to do a lot of good.

We see companies giving back to the world everyday, through volunteer days, fundraising events, or even sponsoring charities or events. So, just like in the real world, companies can also give back through social media. It’s called corporate social responsibility. Several companies do this nicely, including Wal-Mart. This Facebook post of there’s is a prime example of them taking charge of their social media responsibility:


With the amount of reach that Wal-Mart has on social media, the message of can food month was spread farther with their help. And it didn’t take that much effort on their part but positively affected the community around them as well as their brand image. Which brings me to my next point.

All though this post is geared to the “selfless giving” of companies, taking part in social media charity (sort of speak), also benefits them. Companies taking a more active role in their social responsibility on social media are generally viewed more favorably by consumers. As stated by a philanthropy organization, Truist, “Corporations that want to protect their brand understand that social media is an integral part of public perception. When a corporation exercises social responsibility in the form of fundraising or setting up employee giving programs, using social media to promote these actions helps to create a positive branding environment and it is a great way to engage with your audience on a deeper level that goes beyond your products or services.” And its true, many consumers make purchasing decisions based on how they feel about a company, especially when their specific product is in a very competitive market. And if the charitable doings of that company are visible on social media, likeliness is increased that they will support that company over others.

So, its a win-win situation. And at the end of the day, corporations need to take a step back from the greed of the economy and understand that their researched and analyzed and targeted “consumer” is human. Just like them. And it is their humanly duty to support each other and give back to those that need help. So, I challenge you, Corporations, to step up; and not only take advantage of the power of social media for your own benefit, but for the benefit of the community around you, as well.


Humor is the New Black

Humor is the new black.

Marketers have been drilled with the criticism of providing good content on their social media platforms so to stay clear of being that annoying pest and entice the consumer to engage in the brand name. Being a consumer on this side of the fence, I can safely tell you that companies have gone to great lengths to engage their audiences, trying out everything from inspirational clips, sex related avenues, engaging quizzes and more. But one of the simplest and most effective ways to capture your audience’s attention and keep it is through humor.

Being funny is one of the best traits a brand can have on social media. Funny, sticks. Funny, spreads.  Funny grabs the attention of the consumer on the social media platform far more successfully than a random contented post that can easily be scrolled over. And if funny is done successfully by the brand, funny has a way of being passed from one to another in the blink of an eye. Our society consumes humor. And if done often enough, the society will come to expect humor from your brand. Which is good- because to expect it means they are watching out for it. And to watch out for it means they are “liking,” and “following” your pages, creating more traffic on your sites.

Take Old Spice, for instance. They have a fan base on their social media platforms who actually enjoy following them to keep tabs on their ridiculous posts. It comes as an enjoyment for them. Which is huge, because they increase their likeliness to be brand ambassadors and brand loyalty out in the market. By simply bringing humor to your audience, you are shaping a free branding army who is ready to go out and market your brand for you without even knowing they are doing so.


Another reason humor is so important on social media is because humor makes an impact on the brain. Consumers are scientifically more likely to remember something funny then just a regular, boring, old post. So whether your humorous post has anything to do with your products or not, your brand will stay in their working memory longer, making it more prominent in their minds when the need for your products does come up. Just think how well you remember the best super bowl ads from a couple Sundays ago? Guarantee those “best” ads you remember are all based around humor.

All in all, if you are going to post something on social media as a brand marketer, make it worthwhile. Make it worthwhile for the consumer to read and worthwhile for you as a marketer to further spread your brand without even looking like you are doing so. And remember, no one likes a fake or awkward brand on social media.  So what better way do we as a society know to break the ice than through humor? Go get em’ you comedians, you!