A Piece of the Crown

Social media is the new royal throne. It has submerged itself into the everyday life of our society, from teenagers, to creative moms, to influential executives. But it has the ability to pass the crown of power from each of these individuals to another in a moments notice. Social media platforms, if used wisely, are the key to ruling the Kingdom and moving the commoners in a direction you want.

I watch the potential for social media power grow all around me. However, I, unlike most individuals of my age, am not an advent poster, tweeter, picture snapper, and sharer. Everyone has that friend that snaps a picture of every inanimate object and smashes it together with a deep quote. And that friend who tweets every event they attend to illuminate their life to others as ‘the life to have.’ I sit back and scroll through these posts, not fooled. But the truth of the matter is, these friends have a following. Whether their content is worth the following or not, that doesn’t matter. Social media has the power to form that following and make movements happen when needed.

Speaking of a following even when there is lack in content, Ben and Jerry’s tweet has won it a social media of the week award, according to Ann Handley. Been and Jerry tweeted, “BREAKING NEWS: We’re hearing reports of stores selling out of Ben & Jerry’s in Colorado. What’s up with that?”. https://twitter.com/benandjerrys/status/418849733851885568/photo/1)

This tweet had little content about the brand or its products and had such an impact on its following. This tweet was retweeted 10,503 times and had 6,357 favorites, up to date. These humorous marketers captured what was going on in the news and turned it into a humorous joke to benefit their brand. Brilliant. And that is the best thing about social media. Once you’ve had that social media crown of power once, you get to keep a piece of it once it gets passed to the next person. The followers of Ben and Jerry’s will likely be waiting and watching for more humorous posts in the future. And whether they make these posts or not, they still have the power of social media backing them up.



One thought on “A Piece of the Crown

  1. I completely agree with you. We all have those people we follow that can post a picture and add a deep quote with it and all the sudden they have a 150 likes in 30 minutes. Or the person you follow that tweets 10 times in an hour over the most pointless things. However, if you are a brand and can make this work for you its easy marketing. Celebrities now get paid to tweet just because of their following to create buzz about a particular brand. Ben and Jerry’s took full advantage of that new publicity and ran with it. I think this is how brands should be on social media platforms. Instead of blowing up our timelines I think they should post less often and make that one post better.

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